The World of Short Game

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Phil Mickelson talks about “hitting bombs”. Bryson DeChambeau can reach 500 yard par fours in U.S. Open conditions with driver – wedge. Tiger Woods set the world on fire with his length in ways perhaps only John Daily once did in the long, long ago. Amateur players talk about ball speed, spin rates, “faster club heads” and so much more. It isn’t uncommon for some hacker to be blasting balls with a Trackman next to them at the range. The game has changed in favor of length because “chicks dig the long ball”.

But all of the scoring in the game for pros as well as you and me alike are inside of 100 yards. The math doesn’t lie.

DFS Golf picks, Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Picks, Winning DFS lineupsThe best golf lesson that I ever received was from the legendary golf psychologist and author of Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, Dr. Bob Rotella. He challenged me to hit literally zero practice shots longer than a pitching wedge on the range for one calendar year. He argued that for a single digit handicap that the delta in performance on my driver or 7-iron wasn’t the issue. Moreover, that knowing that I could get up and down from 100 or 70 (or whichever yardage you like) would only make me subconsciously be more comfortable from say 160 with a 7-iron.

The idea was: you practice your short game and likely can get up and down so you swing more freely with that level of confidence.

The result of the challenge was the lowest handicap that I’ve ever had at about a 4.3. I’ve gotten away from that level of practice and I have paid the price with more like an 8+ handicap. That’s more a commentary on how life has changed. If you want to be good at golf – practice your wedges, short game and putting. With COVID-19 around, that is no cake-walk either. That’s not to make an excuse. It is just the reality of the all-new world that we live in.

What I’ve been doing in my time off is beating up on my buddies in daily fantasy sports or DFS Golf. You can play these group games or head-to-head games on sites like DraftKings, FanDuel or even Monkey Knife Fight. There are all sorts of styles of games but the basics are to take a virtual $50,000 budget and apply that to a pool of players from either the European PGA Tour or the U.S. PGA Tour. Expensive players are upwards of $12,000. Newly minted tour pros at the bottom of the barrel are priced at $6,000 thus you need to be a real cap-ol-o-gist to win. I’ve had a lot of fun with these games be it the more lottery ticket-like GPP games where you can bet $25 and win millions every week OR the ones I like the best are called 50-50s where say 100 people bet say $10. If you are in 49th place or better you double your money. These are my favorite games other than head to head battles with my buddies for a buck or two as the bragging rights for winning a week of DFS golf is more than worth the investment. Hell, I even bought some DraftKings stock recently and it has done nicely in a short period of time.

Here are some of my boy Phil Mickelson’s best up and downs from via YouTube.